From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 23 Jun 2003

Yup. Read this one too. Loved it. Funny. Violent. Smooth.

Sometimes I read books with a common theme, like Proletariat, but other times a common theme just seems to pop up. That was the case with Hammett's DANE CURSE, Prather's CASE OF THE VANISHING BEAUTY, and Teran's GOD IS A BULLET. Somehow I managed to group close together three books with cult themes.

Another one I've run into here recently is extreme violence. I don't doubt that a lot of this can be explained by me coming up out of the past and reading stuff closer to the present. Teran's GOD IS A BULLET, Kent Harrington's DARK RIDE, and Behm's EYE OF THE BEHOLDER were all ultra- violent. Now I can add Gischler's GUN MONKEYS to the list.

I liked just about everything about this book. I haven't seen humor used so effectively since Dick Lochte's SLEEPING DOG. It was Carl Hiaasen outrageous without the excess that could be called Carl Hiaasen stupid. Gischler's style, pacing, dialog, and plotting worked together smooth as a baby's butt. One minor complaint is that there's not a lot of complex problem-solving going on here. Most everything is fixed with a gun.

Very hardboiled.


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