RARA-AVIS: Marijane Meaker and all.

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 18 Jun 2003

You take it correctly. Marijane Meaker, college classmate of Richard Matheson, has written Gold Medals and such as Vin Packer, and YA novels as M. E. Kerr.

And here's a (cached by Google) blurb no longer online at the San Francisco Public Library site (and perhaps not the most elegant telling of the tale):

MARIJANE MEAKER Marijane Agnes Meaker, a secretary at Fawcett books, was asked by her company to write about any homosexuality that took place at her boarding school and college sorority. Her book, Spring Fire, published in 1952 under the pseudonym Vin Packer, was enormously popular and offered a fairly honest account of a lesbian relationship. She also wrote under the names Ann Aldrich, M.J. Meaker, Mary James. As M.E. Kerr, Meaker wrote many award-winning books for young adults such as Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack!, Little Little, and Is that You, Miss Blue? becoming recognized as "a master of the young adult novel."

This from http://www.mekerr.com/quiz.html 2. What was "M. E. Kerr's" first pen name?

    a) Slater Burr
    b) M. J. Meaker
    c) Eric Ranthram McKay
    d) Vin Packer

Answer: They are all pen names although "b" is very close to her real name: Marijane Meaker. Her first pen name was "c" a play on her father's initials
"ERM." After she finished writing a story as Eric Ranthram McKay, she would send it off with a cover letter written on her father's stationery on which was printed "ERM." See ME ME ME ME ME: Not a Novel for more stories about M. E. Kerr's life.

from http://www.gaylinkcontent.com/storydetail.cfm?storyid=478

[In] 1952, she [Highsmith] wrote The Price of Salt under the name Claire Morgan and became a celebrity in the then underground lesbian community. Meaker was writing lesbian pulp novels under the name Ann Aldrich and had recently published Spring Fire under the name Vin Packer. She would later become known for her young adult fiction, written under the pseudonym M.E. Kerr.

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Todd wrote:

"Marijane Meaker and Patricia Highsmith had both written lesbian novels under pen names, when they met in the fifties."

First of all, I take it from your intro that Meaker is Vin Packer's real name?

Have their "lesbian novels" been reprinted? Anyone know the titles and/or pen names used?

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