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From: Nicole Leclerc (
Date: 18 Jun 2003

Izzo is the only name that rings a bell but I am wondering how she can say that eco-thrillers are conspicuously absent in France. Hasn't she heard about Jean-Christophe Grangé ˇho specializes in them and whose Blood-Red Rivers (aka The Crimson Rivers) has even been made into a film. Other titles translated are The Stone Council, Flight of the Storks. I am not a big fan of this subgenre. However I do love Fred Vargas and was delighted to hear that some of her works have been translated in English.

Nicole L.

> In case you haven't seen it already, you might want to know about an
> awfully good article in TLS (the 5/23/2003 issue, page 23) devoted to
> *polar* novels. The article's author is Ruth Morse.
> Among the bits that caught my eye were:
> " [...] conspicuously absent in France are the eco-thriller,
> the feminist PI, the locked room, the forensic legals, and
> panoply of Anglo-Saxon parody and humour, although two
> big-selling women, Andrea H. Japp and Maud Tabachnik, imitate
> American trends in graphic violence."
> This is almost entirely new teritory to me. One of the names Morse
> mentions, Jean-Claude Izzo, can be found in the Rara-Avis archives. But
> does anyone have anthing to say about authors Claude Amoz or Dominique
> Manotti?
> Chris

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