From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 13 Jun 2003

Nigel wrote:

"As this is my first contribution to rara avis, let me say who I am. For the last twelve years or so,I've worked on film-related programmes for British TV, and a couple of years ago made BIG SHOTS, a 50 minute doc on the British gangster movie from BRIGHTON ROCK to LOCK, STOCK etc."

Do you know if this is available in a US format? I've seen just enough British crime films -- Get Carter, Long Good Friday, Mona Lisa, original Italian Job, Night and the City (well, sorta British), Face, Lock, Stock, maybe another couple that are slipping my mind -- to know that I'd like to know abotu more and their context.

While I'm at it, does anyone know if any of the Nick Sharman TV series is available in US format? I really liked Clive Owen in Second Sight, among other things, and think he would make a good Sharman.


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