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Date: 13 Jun 2003

-----Original Message----- From: Nigel Algar [mailto:] I've never read the original book, nor seen the 1991 remake that had Robert De Niro as Cady and Nick Nolte as the lawyer. I understand Mitchum and Peck have cameos. How is it? Is De Niro as menacing as Mitchum? Are the endings the same? In the 1962 version, the lawyer beats Cady in the climactic fight, but doesn't shoot him: he saves him for the police and for justice." William Denton

The original book is one of MacDonald's finest and I'd recommend it highly. The 1991 remake is another matter... Privately, Scorsese referred to it, disparagingly, as his 'Spielberg' movie and it was undertaken as part of a contractual commitment to Universal.

---I'm glad you've written it, Nigel, because I'm a broken record (note archaic reference...a skipping CD, even more like) on this topic--THE EXECUTIONERS is Way The Hell Better than either film version of CAPE FEAR, and the latter-day CF is a joke more often than not. Expert hamming, but even more idiot-plotted than the first film...the utter antithesis of the non-idiot-plotting of THE EXECUTIONERS. TM

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