From: Chris Schneider ( chrisaschneider@earthlink.net)
Date: 13 Jun 2003

> on 6/13/03 2:32 AM, Nigel Algar at montana@dircon.co.uk wrote:

> [...] For the last twelve years or so,I've worked on film-related programmes
> for British TV, and a couple of years ago made BIG SHOTS, a 50 minute doc on
> the British gangster movie from BRIGHTON ROCK to LOCK, STOCK etc. The last doc
> I made was on the very unhardboiled Bing Crosby...

              You're probably just the person to ask: Is the '40s film
           version of NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDSISH as bad as they say, or
           are there any virtues to it? Do you stand with Leslie Halliwell
           ("one of the worst films ever made") or my Time Out Film Guide
           ("redolent of a short-lived maturity attained by British cinema
           in the late '40s")? Being, myself, a fan of the later
           Aldrich-directed GRISSOM GANG, I've a certain
               I also must admit that I'm none too knowledgeable about
           pre-GET CARTER British crime movies. I love Losey's THE
           CRIMINAL-a.k.a.-THE CONCRETE JUNGLE. I've heard good things
           about HELL IS A CITY, PAYROLL, NOWHERE TO GO, and the
           Greville-dorected NOOSE, but apart from that ... Any titles,
           not counting BRIGHTON ROCK, that you'd care to recommend?


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