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From: William Denton (
Date: 10 Jun 2003

On 10 June 2003, Mario Taboada wrote:

: But why did he include Ross Macdonald in a list of pulp
: writers? He doesn't really belong there. Of course John D.
: does belong, and quite prominently.
: How does he define "pulp writer"?

In the broad, non-magazine sense that's more common to the average person. He says about "pulp:" "the word came to have an expanded meaning both categoric and aesthetic: pulp as a genus of imaginative reading matter distinguished by mass production, affordability, an intended audience of common as opposed to elite readers, a dependence on formula and genre; and pulp as a literature aimed at the pleasure centres of the reader, primarily concerned with sensation and escape, variously intended to excite, astonish, or arouse."

He also says he intentionally left out some major writers so he'd have space to cover some lesser-known ones. He'd get some arguments over any absences, but leaving out John D. MacDonald is going too far.


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