RARA-AVIS: Douglas Fairbairn

From: JT Lindroos ( juha@oivas.com)
Date: 03 Jun 2003

I've just acquired rights to reprint Fairbairn's SHOOT and possibly STREET 8
(I'm expecting a copy to read it soon), and am looking at his backlist. Has anybody here read or know about his early work, and whether he published any short fiction of interest?

Contemporary authors lists these:

A Man's World, Simon & Schuster, 1956. The Joy Train, Simon & Schuster, 1957. Money, Marbles & Chalk (Doubleday Book Club selection, 1959), Simon & Schuster, 1958. The Voice of Charlie Pont (play; first produced in Miami at Players Theatre, December 31, 1971), Random House, 1961. A Gazelle on the Lawn, Random House, 1964.

The Willeford collection has been selected and is being proofread and typeset at the moment. It includes 8 uncollected stories, only one of which has been previously printed anywhere -- the rest are previously unpublished. The expanded hardcover edition will have some 40+ unpublished poems.


JT Lindroos
wit's end publishing
Forthcoming: The Second Half of the Double Feature by Charles Willeford

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