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From: Jan Long ( janlong821@earthlink.net)
Date: 19 May 2003

This message was posted to another list I'm on. I checked the archives and saw other books by this author mentioned, but not this one. Thought it might be of interest to some of the people here, so am forwarding this (with the sender's permission):

> Subject: [Shortmystery] x-posted: fun book find
> Date: Sun, 18 May 2003 22:28:21 -0000
> From: "jonmarie2000" < Jonmarie2000@Yahoo.com>
> I stumbled upon this fun book while browsing in a small bookshop: The
> Classic Era of American Pulp Magazines by Peter Haining(ISBN 1-85375-
> 388-2)publisher: Prion. This is a UK publisher.)
> The book is richly illustrated with covers from the early 1900's
> onward. Most of these are American pulps, but there is a sizable
> section devoted to British pulps.The text examines the various kinds
> of pulps (fantasy, sci-fi, crime,etc.) and how they developed. The
> book sums up the kind of content contained in specific publications.
> There's an appendix at the back devoted to 'The Pulp Wordsmiths' with
> brief paragraphs about numerous authors.
> Besides being a good book for any pulp afficionado, I also find this
> jumpstarts story ideas.
> I love this stuff!
> Jonette
> Editor, http://www.stabbert.com/amsterdamscriptum.htm

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