Re: RARA-AVIS: Point-of-View, *The Last Detective*

From: Patrick (
Date: 14 May 2003

From: Bludis Jack <>

> Bill Crider wrote:

>>>I was irritated by several things in THE LAST
DETECTIVE, but what really got me was that near the end, when the third-person viewpoint shifted rapidly, there were little headings to tell me whose viewpoint I was getting. I'm pretty slow, but I can usually figure stuff like that out without much prompting. It was unnecessary and it took me out of the story.<<<

> Character headings at the beginning of a session
> is helpful, I think, unless the author makes sure
> we know who is speaking.

> Other than character headings, I like the first
> sentence of each section to begin with the name
> of the character whose head we are in.

I concur with Jack. I have a mild preference to have the POV transitions marked in a more subtle way than headers, but that pales to my strong aversion to completely unmarked transitions. Even double-spacing between perspective shifts is better than nothing. Among authors I otherwise enjoy, I got turned off of Deaver because of this problem, and Pelecanos is frequently guilty as well.


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