RARA-AVIS: Rara-Avians in Derringer Awards:

From: Al Guthrie ( allanguthrie@ukonline.co.uk)
Date: 11 May 2003

The Derringers are annual awards issued by the Short Mystery Fiction Society for the best short stories published in print or electronically. The finalists have just been announced (just over an hour ago) and there are a couple of rara-avians in the short story category (1501-6000 words). Congratulations, guys. I haven't read yours yet, Bill, but I'm looking forward to getting the opportunity once it's posted on the SMFS site. Dave Z's I have read. It's about a Nigerian email scam and it's terrific. It's currently online at: http://www.mysterical.bizland.com/MORE_THAN_SCAM.html

Here are the five finalists in the short story category:

Bill Crider
"Top of the World" Flesh and Blood: Dark Desires

Bill Pronzini
"Just Looking" Flesh and Blood: Dark Desires

Raymond Steiber
"Mexican Gatsby" Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Dave White
"Closure" The Thrilling Detective

Dave Zeltserman
"More Than a Scam" Mysterical-E

Other categories: Short-Short Stories (Up to 1500 Words)

Nick Andreychuk
"Sending Out an S.O.S."

Stephen Rogers
"Jumping the Fence"

Seymour Shubin
"What A Day"

Del Tinsley
"A Cut Above"

John Weagly
"Shark Infested Pudding"

Long Short Story (Over 6,001 Words):

Doug Allan
"The Murder Ballads" Ellery Queen Mystery

David Edgerly Gates
"Medicine Water" Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

Clark Howard
"To Live and Die in Midland, Texas" Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Catherine Mambretti
"Painter of the Seven-Eyed Beast" Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

Bob Stevens
"Henry's Power" HandHeld Crime

Al More free Dave Zeltserman short stories: http://www.hardluckstories.com/inhisshadow.htm Where to find Bill Crider short stories: http://www.billcrider.com/Our_Products.html

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