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Date: 06 May 2003

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Todd wrote:

"And, I will admit, Vachss can write."

  Is good writing defined by individual sentences or the whole book they fill?

--By the demonstration of ability, in the passages that are well-written.

Todd again:

"TM, anarchist-sympathizer, . . ."

So you read The Invisibles?

--Not yet. Most of my latter-day comics reading has revolved around the Hernandez Brothers, Roberta Gregory, and Carol Lay and similar "alternate" newspaper folk. Though I did enjoy Rachel Pollack's underrated run on DOOM PATROL, which I stumbled across. And I've delved into the earlier Alan Moore and Frank Miller. When not reading George Woodcock, Noam Chomsky, Colman McCarthy, Paul Goodman, Leo Tolstoi, John Leonard, Emma Goldman...

". . . vigilante-nonfan (even though Batman was the best DC comics guy, yes, aside from the Specter, and I just enjoyed his horror connotations"

 the mention of the Spectre (didn't DC use the Brit spelling?)

---I think you're correct. And while I knew of the '40s version, I read the
'70s version, which you and I seem to be among the few to remember. TM

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