RARA-AVIS: Spillane and/or Vachss: Robison after Macdonald

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 01 May 2003

-----Original Message----- From: Michael Robison [mailto: zspider@gte.net]

Marianne Macdonald wrote:
> Anyhoo - it set me to wondering whether the School of Spillane was
> something that an empathetic person of either gender would be very
> interested in becoming involved in nowadays. With the demise of the
> old pulp magazines, the financial rewards for that kind of
> straight-faced cartoonish hardboilery must be rather limited these
> days?
************* Vachss has pretty much shifted the School of Spillane over to the left side of the political fence and wrote a few. However, I'm not sure if Vachss has quit his day job, so the financial rewards are questionable. Is that what it's all about?

---It helps to be able to make a living; though the pressure of exclusively writing for one's bread leads to its own obvious compromises. I'm not sure I agree that Vachss is a leftist (I suspect he wouldn't), but I think his writing helps fund his cause work these days. TM

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