RARA-AVIS: Re: Themes of the month - hb (again)

From: Marianne Macdonald ( marianne.macdonald@lineone.net)
Date: 30 Apr 2003

On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, at 03:00 AM, RARA-AVIS Digest wrote:

>> They can, so get over it.
> Ah yes. But do they? (Little happy face thingee here.)
Nah, too grown up.

Sorry - couldn't resist.

But seriously(-ish) I was reading something yesterday about the difference between men and women which fixed on the idea that both women and their writings are more empathic than male writers and theirs. (Love these sweeping generalizations, they grab me every time.)
  Anyhoo - it set me to wondering whether the School of Spillane was something that an empathetic person of either gender would be very interested in becoming involved in nowadays. With the demise of the old pulp magazines, the financial rewards for that kind of straight-faced cartoonish hardboilery must be rather limited these days?

Personally, I find reading about a tough guy who has absolutely no interest in, or insight into, the feelings of either himself or other people is...boring. (I've known one or two people like that in real life; they've all been criminals.)

Could I write old-fashioned hard-boiled? I'd find it hard to do because I think I'd always slip into caricature.

Joy? Anybody else?


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