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Thanks, Richard, for the spadework...indeed, a lot of magazines were claimimg to be published in Holyoke in the latter '50s, early '60s, mysteriously.

It was cheap printers, actually. Made sense for them to mail from Holyoke, as well, therefore for the purposes of post office they were "published" there.

So, the cheapjack publishers made use of the services of the cheap printers and mailers/pickup point for the newsstand distributors. TM

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"Homicide Detective Story Magazine" published only one issue--September 1956, which had the rather nice contents that included a John D. MacDonald story and one by William Campbell Gault.

"Homicide" was published by Everett M. Arnold, Arnold Magazines, Inc., 1 Appleton Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts; editorial offices 303 Lexington Avenue, New York 16, New York. It said it was a bimonthly.

The Holyoke, Mass address rang a bell for me, so I pulled down the invaluable MONTHLY MURDERS (A Checklist and Chronological Listing of Fiction In The Digest-Size Mystery Magazines in the United States and England) compiled by Michael L. Cook.

And guess what, "Homicide Detective Story Magazine" became "Killers Mystery Story Magazine" with the same addresses in Mass. and in NYC. Cook lists the

contents for the January 1957 (#3) and March 1957 (#4) issues which makes me

think there was a November 1956 issue (#2) of either "Homicide" or
 The contents of the two issues do not equal the first but includes stories by Talmadge Powell, Edward D. Hoch, Joseph Commings, Charles Fritch and Henry Slesar.

But now the mystery deepens. There are many magazines that all list as the publishers address Holyoke, Massachusetts. So many that I must assume that this was the address of the distributor or some other logical reason for this.

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