From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 25 Apr 2003

From: http://users.ev1.net/~homeville/fictionmag/0start.htm#TOC

Homicide Detective Story Magagzine [v 1 #1, September 1956] ed. Alfred Grenet (Arnold Magazines, Inc., 35ยข, 128pp, digest, cover by ?); Becomes Terror Detective Story Magazine. [pulps.info] 1 * Don't Turn Me In * W. T. Ballard * nv 29 * Stop, Look and Die * John D. MacDonald * nv 58 * Lifeless Hands * Damon Knight * ss 64 * Door of Doom * Charles Beckman, Jr. * ss 74 * Man at Bay * Verne Shute * nv 94 * A Time to Kill * William Campbell Gault * nv 111 * Die, Baby, Die * Ken Lewis * ss

For a pretty obscure title (one which seems to have anticipated the SATURN/WEB devolution), this is pretty solid lineup for a first issue; I don't know how much CF Damon Knight wrote aside from this, for example (he's the writer I'd probably turn to first to hook someone on science fiction).

Any thoughts or reminisces on this one? TM

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