RARA-AVIS: LeBlanc's Lupin: Levin (was: CF History ?)

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 23 Apr 2003

Maurice LeBlanc, and his Arsene Lupin, are what your correspondent is looking for, it seems.

Here's the first ML website which comes up on a Google:



-----Original Message----- From: Mbdlevin@aol.com [mailto: Mbdlevin@aol.com] I'll try resending this -- sorry. The pasted text maybe had some HTML. If it doesn't work now, I'll forget it (rather than retype):
  I am trying to identify the title and author of some books originally written in French.

Growing up in Taiwan I read a series of detective books in Chinese. They featured a very clever detective/crook who stole money from the rich and gave the money to the poor. He constantly outwitted Sherlock Holmes, who looked like an idiot in these books. (do we detect any British-French rivalries here?) The stories are set in France, often Paris, my guess is during the 1800s. The name of the detective/crook in Chinese is ya-sen, lo-bin. Robin

is probably his first name. The French author is Morris something
(Mo-li-shi, lu-bu-liang.)

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