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From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 15 Apr 2003

From: "Mark Sullivan" <>
> I don't know anything about the McMillan site, but since you brought up
> Nisbet . . . Have you read his other books? I read the first (The
> Gourmet, I think, republished by Black Lizard under another name) and
> thought it was pretty good, but not great. I have a few other books by
> him -- ran across them just the other day -- but haven't gotten around
> to reading them. Have you read them? How are they?

'Fraid I'm not too much of an authority when it comes to Nisbet. I've only read one or two -- the only one that comes instantly to mind is his Black Lizard title, THE DAMNED DON'T DIE -- and, frankly, I don't remember much about them, other than a general sense that they were satisfactory reads. The thing that caught my attention on this one was the plot synopsis (from a Poisoned Pen Bookstore catalogue) sounds straight out of a Gold Medal...and since Nisbet had been previously published by Black Lizard, and the publisher this time around was McMillan and it had that aforementioned Gold Medal vibe...well, it just felt like all the stars were aligning right on this one.

Since the McMillan site is still down and thus I can't get any more info on it, perhaps I'll just have to throw caution to the wind and take my chances and order the thing from Poisoned Pen.


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