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miker wrote:

> I particularly liked the setting in Newport, Kentucky.
> I'm in southern Indiana and every year we make the summer
> pilgrimage to Kings Island amusement park in Cincinnati.
> Newport is right across the Ohio River. They've got an
> aquarium there that is nicer than the one in Monterey and
> Chicago.
> I was amazed at the notorious real-life reputation Newport
> had from the 40s into the 60s. I didn't know anything
> about that until reading the information on your site. I
> would have never thought of Newport as a hotbed of gangster
> crime.
> Are there many landmarks mentioned in LITTLE MEXICO that
> still exist?
> miker

Unfortunately, most of the spots like the Beverly Hills Club, the Flamingo, the Glenn Rendezvous and the dozens of either clubs/casinos either burned to the ground or were bulldozed to make way for parking lots or were drastically altered in the act of renovation.

HOWEVER, the building that houses what is now known as the Syndicate Restaurant is the site of Pete Schmidt's last hurrah: The Playtorium. This was one of the last classy night spots to be built in this neck of the woods, having a restaurant, a cocktail lounge, a bowling alley, and a basement casino. Nowadays, the Syndicate Restaurant plays up that whole gangster/casino motif. Its web site is:

Also, traveling south on Licking Pike, just a mile or so outside of Newport, there's a nightclub called Bobby Mackey's Music World. This building is the site of the old Primrose Club (that later became the Latin Quarter). It's also reputed to be the most haunted site in Kentucky because of all the killings that took place in that building.

--John Celestri the male half of Cathie John

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