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Date: 11 Apr 2003

> miker wrote:
> Heck with cell phones. Let's talk about your new book.
> Checked out your web page and read the two excerpts from your
> LITTLE MEXICO novel. The two sections felt and read slightly
> different. Taking an uneducated guess, I would say your wife
> wrote the Claudette part and you wrote the second part with
> Bruno working.
> Looks like a good book. Congratulations.
> miker

Thanks for the compliment, miker.

Cathie and I intentionally wrote the two sections to feel and read differently, so that Claudette's part would feel more feminine and Bruno's more masculine. But actually, we hashed out the scenes together, sitting in front of the computer, as we do to write all our novels.

In fact, as I recall, a lot of Claudette's musings as she stared out the window of her room in the bordello, waiting for her next customer, came out of my head. It was Cathie's idea for Bruno to stuff a wad of cement in
"Dandy" Charlie's mouth to shut him up. My wife's not as sweet as she looks.

LITTLE MEXICO was published in 2000. If you're interested, the sequel IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER will be out in a couple of weeks.

The story takes place in the 1940s when the closest thing to a cell phone was Dick Tracy's radio wristwatch.

--John Celestri the male half of Cathie John ccpub@worldnet.att.net http://www.cathiejohn.com

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