RARA-AVIS: Hugh Cave

From: T. Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@shaw.ca)
Date: 10 Apr 2003


The 3rd Annual Windy City Pulp & Paperback Convention is being held this weekend. The guest of honor is Hugh B. Cave, one of the last of the original old-time pulpsters. Information about the convention can be found at:


I'll probably be going at least to the Saturday events. One of the films being shown that day is MR. DYNAMITE, one of the few Hammett-based films I've never seen.

Then Miker asked:

So did you go, Jim? If yes, tell us about it. Did you get to meet Hugh Cave? Did you buy anything? Did you get to see the MR. DYNAMITE movie?

I wasn't in the Windy City, but while in Key West a little over a month ago I came across a copy of Magazines I Remember by Hugh Cave. It's subtitled
"Some Pulps, Their Editors and What It Was Like To Write For Them." I had never heard of Cave and wouldn't have bought it if it hadn't been for discussion about pulps on this list. Just seemed like a book I would never see again. Now maybe I should read it.

Kent Morgan

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