RARA-AVIS: Re: Articles by Members

From: Gerald So ( gso@optonline.net)
Date: 09 Apr 2003

>>...I've read great stuff by Richard Moore, Mario
>>Taboada, and Gerald So on Kevin's thrillingdetective site...
>>You guys are writing great stuff and not flaunting it in even the
>>most casual manner. Heck with that! I WROTE AN ARTICLE!!! YEAH!

Congrats and thanks for the compliment, Mike. I consider myself a real writer; it's just no one's heard of me yet.

And Kevin wrote:

>Anyone with way too much time on their hands...can check out my
>bibliography at http://www.thrillingdetective.com/eyes/biblio.html.

Finally a photo of Kevin. Good to put a face to the name.

My photo is on the bio page of my personal site: http://odo6140.s5.com/gso.htm You can read some of my early work by clicking "Personal Log" on the nav bar.

Best, Gerald

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