RARA-AVIS: Hardboiled Thirties article

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 08 Apr 2003

I notice there's a very low-key and nonchalant attitude evinced by many Rara-Avis members who are writing excellent articles that pop up everywhere. I've read great stuff by Richard Moore, Mario Taboada, and Gerald So on Kevin's thrillingdetective site (There's a new edition out, by the way. Beautiful job on the cover, Kevin. And I can't believe the amount of new material in it.). Through another list I found out about a Mystery Readers Journal. I ordered a couple back issues on mysteries in the South, and nestled between the pages I found articles by both Jim Doherty and Bill Crider.

You guys are writing great stuff and not flaunting it in even the most casual manner. Heck with that! I WROTE AN ARTICLE!!! YEAH! And Al Guthrie has accepted it for his new noir site. It's the fourth link down right here:


Go there right now and read it! Ignore all those other articles by real writers, like Jim Blue, Dave Zeltserman, Russell James, Bill Crider, Allan Guthrie, James Reasoner, and Lee Horsley, and read mine! YEAH!

About the article: I was pretty heavy into it before I realized that I hadn't read enough to properly discuss the subject. That pains me because I don't mind reading something that differs from my opinion, but I dislike articles written by people who don't know their subject. With this in mind, my article is just an attempt by a rookie to collect his thoughts on an important era in hardboiled and noir fiction, and any air of authority in it should rightfully be met with snickers and guffaws.

Thanks to Jim Doherty for permission to use his quote and thanks to Al Guthrie for coaching me and also for the fine layout and graphics work. Thanks to all of Rara-Avis for discussing the topics in the article.


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