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Date: 31 Mar 2003

Rene, this seems, shall we say, a bit unlikely in the circumstances of the discussion transcript, not quite interview, that I quoted from. You should also not assume that the fellow conversationalists (or I) manipulated the materials in question to force a certain unintended negativity. The quotations are not misleadingly shorn of context, at least as I presented them.

Dick, while you can't pay back rather than forward, what got that exchange going was the question posed to the group as a whole as to whom among CF writers the Nobel might've justly been given. Not so much as to who influenced whom per se. Hunter and Leonard made it that, a bit.


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> "And finally, should Hunter and Leonard have lied?"
> I think it's a mistake to make too much about these off-the-cuff
> comments. Both Hunter and Leonard are of a certain age and of a
> certain status where it becomes rather insulting for them to be
> asked about writers who have influenced them. Or to be asked
> about any other writers at all. They've been churning out the
> books for forty or fifty years. They probably feel that they
> should be asked about their own novels.
> My take is: they did lie. And they're entitled to.
> Dick Lochte
Plus we don't know the full context that the comments were made in. Interviewers are constantly looking for good soundbites & they will manipulate the situation both during the interview and later in the editing booth to get those soundbites. For all we know, the interviewer had goaded the writers for half an hour before he/she finally got the soundbite he/she wanted. The interviewer has his or her own agenda and that should be remembered in these situations.

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