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Date: 31 Mar 2003

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> Thanks for the recommendation, Jim. I'm going to surf over to Netflix and
> see if I can get it in DVD. I finished the book today and it was just
> spectacular.
> McGivern is really slick with the religious motifs, Bannion's character,
> the
> noir atmosphere.

Great book, great movie, great coffee-throwing scene in both. I've yet to find another McGivern that matches THE BIG HEAT, but I've by no means read them all yet. ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW runs it close. McGivern's almost always excellent writing is particularly fine in THE CAPER OF THE GOLDEN BULLS (not hardboiled/noir). Someone on this list (I forget who, sorry) claimed that their own writing had been heavily influenced by NIGHT EXTRA. VERY COLD FOR MAY is a straightforward cosy mystery. ROGUE MALE is more in the style of THE BIG HEAT.
> I might have to make a trip to Blockbusters to get the movie. I didn't
> any luck finding Point Blank at Netflix.

Don't give up the search, miker. This is one you'll watch over and over.


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