RARA-AVIS: "Criminal Conversation" in the PARIS REVIEW Crime issue, #164

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 28 Mar 2003

PARIS REVIEW 164, Winter 2002:

Grey Gowrie, as moderator of the "Como Conversazione" piece in this issue, "Criminal Conversations" (with Evan Hunter, John Mortimer, Elmore Leonard, P.D. James, Harriet Waugh, Michael Didbin, Colin Dexter, and PR publisher Drue Heinz) notes:
"We don't really believe genre fiction exists. It is fiction."

A few other excerpts of potential RA interest: Evan Hunter: I don't think [Raymond] Chandler was a very good writer nor do I think [A.C.] Doyle was a very good writer.

(Given that I've yet to read a Hunter/McBain/Lombino/Marsten that didn't have at least a touch of the stupid or flagrantly artificial about it, though admittedly I've only read a dozen or so works of varying lengths from him, I take this for what it seems to be worth. Though I've just picked up the IF issue with Hunter's "Malice in Wonderland"...since my previous experience with the Quinn IF was with Paul Fairman's premiere issue-- a minor Sturgeon and not much else you would remember, and a notably goofy cover--I'm struck by just what an impressive job it looks that Larry Shaw made of it in the mid-'50s.)

(Shortly after:) Evan Hunter: I came to Chandler when I was very young and loved him, of course, but I loved him for the very things I learned not to like later on. Sentimentality about the city, sexy women sliding toward you [wonder if he meant to say sidling, or perhaps did and was mistranscribed].--all this stuff would appeal to an adolescent. Late on when I began to reread him to see what had so captivated me, I really found a great many flaws in the writing.

Elmore Leonard: I agree with Evan. I didn't learn anything at all from Chandler, or from Dashiell Hammett.

(There's more, of course.)

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