From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 28 Mar 2003

Bill Crider wrote: Wild guesses: "Percentage girl" = "B-Girl"
              Mope = someone guilty of mopery
*********** What's a B-Girl? I'm not joking. I don't know. I'm reading a book now where a cop tells an underling to not mess with a girl's murder because she's a "B-Girl." The book is McGivern's BIG HEAT. Aptly named. It's hot. It's one of those books that's scary even before it gets rough. It's intense. I just know something bad is gonna happen and Bannion is gonna lose his cool. Got FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE in the queue for when I finish McGivern's.

WAHOOOOO! I'm in hardboiled hog heaven. ;-)


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