RE: RARA-AVIS: The House of Hard-boiled

From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 28 Mar 2003

Mark wrote: So even if many of the specific musicians and/or songs mentioned by Pelecanos pass by some readers, doesn't the detail still reveal the importance of music to those characters and, as Kevin has pointed out, their generation.

******** Yes. It does tell the reader that music was important to the characters and their generation. I have to wonder, though, if any generation that has come afterwards, and a few that came before, have not had music that was important to them. What I am saying is that music being important to a generation is not very defining of that generation. It is the type of music that does the defining. When Pelecanos drops hints as to the nature of the music, he's fleshing out the generation and adding color. When all he mentions is the name of the song that's playing on the radio, he's doing nothing special for nobody unless they know the song.


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