RARA-AVIS: Books With CDs

From: T. Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@shaw.ca)
Date: 26 Mar 2003

Mark Sullivan wrote:

>Still, it's a cool idea I wish more would try. I'm currently reading
Nick Hornby's Songbook, a collection of short essays about some favorite songs of his; it comes with a CD collecting some of the more obscure tracks he discusses. The Brit edition of Simon Reynolds's Generation Ecstasy (well, it was titled Energy Flash over there) came with a CD of examples. Still, those are books about music (and the songs copyright holders probably figured readers would want to check out more recordings by the artists on the CDs they liked), not books that include music."

Bill Moody's Looking For Chet Baker (2002) apparently came with a CD, but there seems to be some question whether the CD with just with the ARC or also with some first editions. Despite having friends travelling to the States and the local independent mystery store try to find me a first with the CD, they couldn't even find a first edition so I finally had to settle for a remaindered second. It got to be a joke with my partner who travels widely on business. When she called, one of my first questions always was,
"Looking For Chet Baker?"

All but the first of Moody's books in his series featuring jazz pianist/reluctant PI Evan Horne should have had CDs as they had plots tied to Clifford Brown, Charlie Parker and Wardell Gray.

Kent Morgan listening to Chet Baker in Winnipeg

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