RARA-AVIS: SLEEP WITH SLANDER, Dolores Hitchens 1960

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 25 Mar 2003

Just finished this a couple days ago. It was good in certain areas and bad in others. I thought the characters were not bad. Typical of some detective novels, the characters come and go and you never get a strong feeling for what makes them tick.

Here's a scene of violence:

"The upswing was quick and venomous, the leather sap seemed to explode with menace under the glow of the overhead light, and Sader knew that the next moment this combination of muscle and nerve and shot-weighted sap was going to crush him to a pulp. But in that moment his gun splintered the quiet."

What do you guys think of that? I think it's poor, bordering on pathetic. It sounds to me like a cozy version of violence. Hitchens should have paid more attention to Hammett. "Seemed to explode?" "Splintered the quiet?" How many words would Hammett need to describe this scene? Here's my Hammett ver- sion:

"A leather sap coming fast. His roscoe sneezed kerchow."

Alright, Hammett and Bellem. ;-)


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