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Date: 22 Mar 2003

> Okay, I'm slightly prejudiced in that, half a decade after Crumley, I
> _enjoyed_ Clark AFB for 17 months, and could pick up on locations, and
> tropes that rang true. But I put this, along with Joe Haldeman's fist
> (non-sf) novel, WAR YEAR, and the first volume of Willeford's
> 'autobiography set' (much earlier than even Crumley, before it was an Air
> Force base, he also Spent Time there), in a special category, on my
> Not to be presumptive, but I really have no idea of how any of these would
> read to one without military experience, but I do recommend the Crumley to
> anyone who enjoyed the two films I cited.

I always thought war and hardboiled books share a close affinity, but nobody seems to read war books besides veterans. There are some absolute gems in the "genre" that I would think anybody who has an interest in hb shouldn't pass by, like the Willeford (which he originally wrote as a novel, later changing the main character from Jacob Blake to himself) -- I always liked the Elmore Leonard quote on that: "Anobody who doesn't recognize this as great writing, doesn't know shit." I also enjoyed Richard Currey's FATAL LIGHT and Tim O'Brien's THINGS THEY CARRIED, to name a couple. And I would not say that I've had military experience, and I certainly am no veteran, but I did spend 8 compulsory months in the Finnish army, bored out of my skull.


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