RARA-AVIS: The Killers

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 20 Mar 2003

Was it miker who recently lamented the lack of good hardboiled lit adaptations on DVD? Well, I recently ran cross the new reissue of The Killers, which collects both film versions of Hemingway story (well, they start with tthat story, sort of). And look at all of the extras:

DVD Features: Features for The Killers (1946 Version): New digital transfer Andriie Tarkovsky's 1956 student film version of The Killers Video interview with writer Stuart M. Kaminsky Screen Director's Playhouse 1949 radio adaptation, starring Burt Lancaster and Shelley Winters Actor Stacy Keach reads Hemingway's short story Production and publicity stills Essay by Jonathan Lethem Paul Schrader's seminal 1972 essay "notes on film noir" Music and effects track Features for The Killers (1964 Version): Reflections by star Clu Gulager Excerpts from Don Siegel's autobiography Production correspondence including memos, broadcast standard reports, and casting suggestions Production and publicity stills Essay by Geoffrey O'Brien Music and effects track Number of discs: 2

I think I'll be getting it, maybe with The Big Sleep, which contains both cuts of the Howard Hawks classic, plus a short documentary about the differences between them.


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