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Date: 17 Mar 2003

The FLETCH novels are a mixed bag. I liked FLETCH and CONFESS, FLETCH a Lot, and enjoyed FLETCH WON and FLETCH, TOO quite enough. CARIOCA FLETCH seemed like a good way for a freelance writer to write off his Brazilian vacation and sell a book that was largely travelogue simultaneously; it and FLETCH AND THE WIDOW BRADLEY were the worst of the series as I remember, but both were readable. The other novels in the first series were at least a bit better than readable; the Flynn series, spun off from CONFESS, FLETCH, may've been pretty good--I've read only one pleasant novel in that series, but even its title hasn't imprinted itself on my memory. Haven't tried the revival, SON OF FLETCH, yet.

In case you're wondering, the first FLETCH film was mildly faithful to the book, the second film had little to do with anything from MacDonald. TM

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I picked up a couple Fletch books, by Gregory MacDonald, I think. Are these books any good? I read the first page of one of them and it looked like a combination of tough and humorous. Can't hardly judge him by one page, but it sorta reminded me of Latimer.

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