RARA-AVIS: Maureen Daly, Mrs. William McGivern

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 12 Mar 2003

I have an etiquette book by Maureen Daly (THE PERFECT HOSTESS, 1950), which is dedicated to Bill, her husband William McGivern. The other day I was in the children's section of a library and saw SEVENTEENTH SUMMER
(1942), a 1965 edition that was the 41st printing of the book. It says it had sold over 250,000 copies, which is huge (and the number would be much higher now--it's still in print). On the dust jacket it says,

| Although Maureen Daly is a busy and successful career woman, she also
| has a full home life with her husband, the well-known mystery story
| writer, William McGivern, their daughter Megan and their young son
| Patrick. They divide their time between their country home in
| southern Pennsylvania and visits to far places and distant lands.

Daly was born in 1921, and I think she's still alive. William McGivern just a bit older, born late in 1918. They met when he went to an book signing she was doing. They did two books together, MENTION MY NAME IN MOMBASA: THE UNSCHEDULED ADVENTURES OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY ABROAD (1958), and THE SEEING (1980). He died in 1984, and she completed A MATTER OF HONOR (1984).

I've always liked McGivern's writing, especially THE BIG HEAT (1953) and books like ROGUE COP (1954). Good solid stuff. I didn't know he'd had such a literary marriage, though, to a very popular author.


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