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Date: 08 Mar 2003

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 Subject: RARA-AVIS: new books I've run across -- worth buying?
 I've seen these mentioned in some recent book catalogs and was wondering
 if anyone could tell me if they are really any good:
 Sweet Dream Baby by Sterling Watson -- looks like a Florida noir (with a
 12 year old protag named Travis trying to protect his aunt), supposedly
 endorsed by Elmore Leonard, Dennis Lehane, Fred Chappell (don't know
 him) and Michael Connelly.

This one could be good as Watson is a talented writer. If he isn't a native he's certainly been based in Florida for many years both writing and teaching writing. He was a pal of Harry Crews until they had a big falling out. Watson wrote a novel with a thinly disquised Crews as a character.

Chappell is a North Carolina writer admired for his highly praised but poor selling mainstream fiction. In addition to novels, he has published many short stories in the literary magazines. He also turns a nice fantasy or horror story and now and then turns up in publications like the revived Weird Tales. I think he started out as a poet.

Richard Moore

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