RARA-AVIS: British pubs

From: MatCoward@aol.com
Date: 08 Mar 2003

These days, it's quite rare to come across a pub which still has two bars - too expensive, i suppose, in terms of staffing and use of space. But until only a couple of decades ago, it was still common. The "lounge" and the
"public bar" were known by various names in various parts of the country. As well as the sex divide, there were other reasons (which, again, varied by location). For instance, the lounge might ban work clothes and muddy boots; the bar might be where you'd find pub games (darts, shoveha'penny, etc). Often, the seating, decor and so on would be rather nicer in the lounge - and the drinks might be a penny dearer, to reflect that. Way back, respectable people would never set foot in the bar, and working men wouldn't dream of going into the lounge. In more recent times, I can remember that I would use the lounge if I was on a date with a girlfriend; it was quieter, more comfortable, more suited to sitting and chatting. If i was out for an evening with the lads, of course, I'd use the bar. (The "snug" or "snuggery" was usually a small room, or bar area; a kind of uber-lounge).
- Mat C - who knows far more about pubs than nine out of ten doctors recommend.
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