RARA-AVIS: new books I've run across -- worth buying?

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 07 Mar 2003

I've seen these mentioned in some recent book catalogs and was wondering if anyone could tell me if they are really any good:

Sweet Dream Baby by Sterling Watson -- looks like a Florida noir (with a 12 year old protag named Travis trying to protect his aunt), supposedly endorsed by Elmore Leonard, Dennis Lehane, Fred Chappell (don't know him) and Michael Connelly.

The Dead Circus by John Kaye. Set in 1986, an ex-cop, record collector, PI, devastated by his fiancee's death, investigates the murder of a rising rock star. Meanwhile, he is contacted by a woman with a lot of evidence related to the Manson Family murders, and . . . "Our ex-cop travels back in time to a different musical and murderous era." Given the catalog I read this in, I'm not sure if that last sentence is to be taken literally, adding SF elements, or figuratively.

Anyone read either of these books? Either worth reading?


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