From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 03 Mar 2003

Dave wrote: Thinking a little more about Jim Thompson films, the original "The Getaway" has to have the most perfect casting possible with Steve McQueen as Doc McCoy and Al Lettieri as Rudy. It's just too bad the movie had to ruin the book's terrific apocalyptic ending.

********* To me, Dave, the problem with the ending is that it is not true to the characters. The characters have continuously exhibited extremely daring and courageous behavior. Now that they are in Mexico and all they need to do is get lost in the crowd, they turn totally gutless and sell out to become part of some laughably absurd elite criminal community.

I know that it's possible to advance the argument that the gun- fight at sea simply robbed them of the last of their nerve, and allowed them to get stuck in their final predicament. I've rolled that around in my head a dozen different ways, and I simply cannot buy it.

I know what he was trying to do. He wanted them to suffer for their sins, but he was tired of the cliche shootout and wanted to come up with something different. The problem is that the one he chose is ridiculous.

He should have stuck with a shootout or let them get away.

I am looking forward to reading POP. 1280 one of these days. The only other Thompson I've read is KILLER INSIDE ME.


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