RARA-AVIS: James Atlee Phillips and a JDM comment

From: abc@wt.net
Date: 03 Mar 2003

Yesterday I re-read Phillips' SUITABLE FOR FRAMING. It was published in 1949, so it pre-dates the Joe Gall books that Phillips did for Gold Medal as Philip Atlee by a number of years. But it's very similar in style, and the first-person narrator could easily be Joe Gall in different clothing.
(Although Gall first appeared in a third-person book written not long after this one.) The book has some scenes of really brutal violence, along with some excellent local-color writing. Well worth getting your hands on.

Bill, I think John D. MacDonald regretted having written NO DEADLY DRUG. It required a lot of time and research and didn't sell very many copies. As I recall, JDM said he could have used that time better if he'd written a couple of McGee novels instead.

Bill Crider

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