RARA-AVIS: Recent purchases

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 02 Mar 2003

I hit a couple of stores with lots of paperbacks.

A.I. Bezzerides: THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT (aka LONG HAUL) (1935). I haven't read anything by Bezzerides, but he's often mentioned on the list, and the I really like the Bogey/Raft movie version of this.

Richard S. Prather: PATTERN FOR PANIC; DARLIING, IT'S DEATH; DEAD HEAT; THE KUBLA KHAN CAPER; THE CHEIM MANUSCRIPT. Filling in gaps in my Shell Scott collection. THE CHEIM MANUSCRIPT opens with "They say time will tell, and on Mrs. Gladys Jellicoe it had spilled everything. She was about fifty years old and quite well preserved: she looked like a mummy. Her eyes were the colour of coffee with the grounds still in it, and her hair was the same uninteresting shade as her eyes; she had a face to unwind cuckoo clocks and a shape like an old girdle."

Vera Caspary: LAURA (1942).

Jonathan Craig: CASE OF THE NERVOUS NUDE. A 1959 Fawcett Gold Medal. I've never read anything by Craig, but I'll try any old Gold Medal. This is a Detective Peter Selby mystery.

John D. MacDonald: THE ONLY GIRL IN THE GAME; ONE MORE SUNDAY; THE EXECUTIONERS; NO DEADLY DRUG. THE EXECUTIONERS is what CAPE FEAR was based on, but I've never read it. I was surprised by NO DEADLY DRUG: I didn't know it was non-fiction. It's "the riveting true story of the notorious Coppolino murder trial." It looks like he beefed up court testimony and transcripts. It's a very long book. I need a bookcase just for my JDM books.

John Evans (aka Howard Browne): HALO FOR SATAN. This is a 1958 Bantam paperback edition of one of the Paul Pine mysteries. It says Howard Browne has the copyright, but otherwise his pseudonym is everywhere.

John Blumenthal: THE CASE OF THE HARDBOILED DICKS (1985). A Mac Slade mystery. I've never seen this around, but it looked like a fun parody.


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