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Date: 28 Feb 2003

As an Italian-American (more than anything else, but "only" a quarter) born some decades after Italian-Ams faced their greatest resistance from the larger culture, and with a perfectly WASPish name, I suppose I can sympathize.

One can wonder why he settled on EH, though, versus all the other pseuds. Because it was the one of the greatest early success? Because it was the one as which he wrote his most critically acclaimed work? Or did he publish his most widely-approved work under that byline because it was the one he wanted to adopt as his primary persona? TM

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Al says, "He changed his name to Evan Hunter."

He sure did. Somewhere around here I have a letter from him about that. One of the characters in my Sheriff Rhodes series is a big Ed McBain fan, so I wrote something in one of the books about McBain's various names. Someone told him about it, and he read the book, after which he wrote me a very nice letter in which he explained that he had made the change legal. He doesn't like to be reminded of his birth name, as I think Richard Moore can attest. I believe Richard asked him about it at the Omaha Bouchercon.

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