Re: RARA-AVIS: Robert Turner duo

Date: 28 Feb 2003

Trust Richard Moore to work THE EVIL SLEEP into his discussion of Robert Turner. At least he didn't twist the knife by talking about his signed copy.

I, too, once had to add words to a completed novel. My agent said that my 200 manuscript pages needed to be 300.
"But don't worry. The editor is going to call you, and she has specific suggestions." I was a little tense about the whole thing, but I thought, "Specific suggestions. Specific suggestions. That will help." So the editor called, and I asked what she "specific suggestions" were. She said, "Add 100 pages, but whatever you do, don't change the pacing or the plot." I have since become wary when someone mentions
"specific suggestions."

And speaking of Sherbourne, I couldn't resist going on and ordering a copy of DON'T STEP ON IT -- IT MIGHT BE A WRITER. If I'm remembering correctly (always an unlikely prospect) Donald MacCampbell represented both Harry Whittington and Day Keene. I'm eager for the book to arrive so I can check my recollections.

Bill Crider

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