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From: Michael Robison (
Date: 22 Feb 2003

Kerry Schooley wrote:
> A friend of mine recently pointed out that cozies are mannered novels that
> question the rights to authority of "superior", titled classes. In their
> private lives, in their drawing rooms and on their estates Lord & Lady
> Whatsis, Colonel Mustard etc. were as corrupt and capable of murder as the
> "criminal" classes.
> Like hardboil, the cozy became popular between the wars.

********* Did you agree with your friend? Another theory is that they wrote about the upper classes because they thought the lower classes beneath their interest. And I'm surprised that cozies didn't come on until after WWI. It was my understanding that hardboiled was in part a rebellion against the upper class airs of the cozies. Mary Roberts Rinehart has stuff out that's turn of the century, doesn't she? Maybe that's not cozy. I know darn little about hardboiled and almost nothing about cozies.


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