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Date: 22 Feb 2003


Re your question below:

> OK, but the problem about adding in
> > any B&W crime (suspense, mystery, detective,
> > call it what you will) film
> which - by the way - I would happily accept, is that
> it does imply an
> essential plot element which somebody or other was
> arguing fervently
> against a few digests ago.

I spoke to this point a few posts ago, but, when this discussion first began, I said that film noir was (and now I'm quoting from memory ". . . a crime film with a particular visual style." From that point on, I thought "crime film" was implicit.

Moreover, given the general subject of this list,
"crime film" would seem to be implicit.

When I resisted the notion that "content" was an essential component, it was in the sense that there was such a thing as a "noir" story or script that would always (if actually produced) be a FILM noir regardless of the visual style.


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