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Date: 20 Feb 2003

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 Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 08:23:45 -0800
 From: Jim Stephenson < jestephenson@ix.netcom.com>
 Subject: RARA-AVIS: Re: Noir music
 Richard wrote:
> I can't wait to see what others suggest.
 And I answer: the contents of my latest CD compilation, the tracks of
 which are below:
 1. It's A Lonesome Old Town - Creed Taylor Orchestra
 2. Dragnet - Buddy Morrow Orchestra
 3. Three Time Blueser (from "Take Five") - Elmer Bernstein
 4. Lonely Beat (from "M Squad") - Stanley Wilson Orchestra
 5. Blue Night On the Strip (from "77 Sunset Strip) - Warren Barker
 6. Blue Silhouette - Chris Connor
 7. Blond Bombshell - Enoch Light Orchestra
 8. Mike Hammer Story - Stan Purdy Orchestra
 9. Sing-Sing Blues - Skip Martin Orchestra
 10. Speakeasy Blues (from "The Untouchables") - Nelson Riddle
 11. Pete Kelly's Blues (from the TV soundtrack) - Dick Cathcart
 12. Velda - Stan Purdy Orchestra
 13. Four Walls and One Dirty Window Blues - Anita Ellis
 14. Blue Satin (from "Mr. Lucky") - Henry Mancini
 15. Pink Lady - Buddy Morrow Orchestra
 16. Richard Diamond - Skip Martin Video All-Stars
 17. This Is the Naked City - Buddy Morrow Orchestra
 18. Lonleyville - Creed Taylor Orchestra
 19. San Francisco Blues (from "The Line Up") - Buddy Morrow Orchestra
 20. Peter Gunn - Living Strings
 21. Lonesome - Henry Mancini
 22. Lujon - Henry Mancini
 23. I Wish You Love - Keely Smith

Thanks Jim for reminding me of the artist on the Mickey Spillane/Mike Hammer EP 45. Stan Purdy! My memory is that this was superior to the LP with music from the Darin McGavin series. And I thought I remembered Spillane doing a narration but wasn't sure enough to say so. One day the box in storage with this prize will be opened.

Richard Moore

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