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Date: 20 Feb 2003


Re your question below:

> > And to make it clear, at the risk of repeating
> myself,
> > I'm not saying that every crime film since 1962,
> even
> > the ones self-consciously using noir visual
> > sytlistics, has been bad. Or even that they're
> not as
> > good as "classic noir." All I'm saying is that
> > they're not really film noir.
> Some of us who are less knowledgeable, and therefore
> tagging along
> breathlessly here, may be getting confused by
> detail.
> Does this mean that "really film noir" is to be
> defined quite simply
> as ANY* black and white film shot WITH* heavy
> contrast IN* the USA
> BETWEEN* 1941 and 1962 (I presume you're talking
> Maltese Falcon to
> Cape Fear?) - and that's all there is to really
> film noir?

Make it any B&W crime (suspense, mystery, detective, call it what you will) film, and maybe be a bit less specific on the years (I always like a bit of wiggle room), and that's pretty much it.

> Well, I could certainly design a course called
> "Film 302" using
> those criteria, but I'd expect my captive audience
> to give me an
> argument about it.

Academics always like to make simple things more complicated than they are.


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