RARA-AVIS: Do Not Adjust Your Set [opinions]

From: Bill Bowers ( BBowers@one.net)
Date: 20 Feb 2003

I've been reading the What Is Noir (and would you want your sister to see it?) Thread with bemused fascination, and really have nothing to add.

But that rarely stops me, and since we've done (or not) films, books, and now music -- why not television?

Specifically, does anyone else recall a (too) short-lived series titled "EZ Streets"?

It ran in 1996, was Directed by Paul Haggis. and the cast included R.D. Call, Debrah Farentino, Jason Gedrick, Ken Olin, Joe Pantoliano [one of his best roles] & Rod Steiger

According to the IMdb [ http://us.imdb.com/Title?0116161 ] the recommended films for those who enjoyed the series were these:

> L.A. Confidential (1997)
> Bound by Honor (1993)
> Godfather, The (1972)
> Underworld Story, The (1950)
> Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)
> Godfather: Part III, The (1990)
> Corruptor, The (1999)
> Goodfellas (1990)
> Scarface (1983)
> Cop Land (1997)

...for what that is worth.

And while most of the films I check on IMdb have a page full of Memorable Quotes, there is only one cited from EZ Streets:

>Quinn's father [Steiger]: You can only be betrayed by the people you trust.

(Talk about getting "screwed"!)

Given a couple of disclaimers -- most of the films *I* think of as noir
_are_ b&w, but because I didn't get my first television set until 1961
(when I was 18) I missed most of the b&w teevee crime series -- this series
-- even if in Living Color -- IMO is/was the essence of noir:

Those rain-drenched streets left me feeling, well, "rusted", after every episode.

Atmosphere 101.

I'd pay a substantial portion of my limited income for a DVD of that series, as long as it included the episode (or two) that was filmed, but not shown, when the series was cancelled.

[I did enjoy the retro 'look' of the 1998 Buddy Faro series (with Dennis Farina), but it was in no way noir and, quite frankly, sucked in every other way. The (also 1998) Maximum Bob (again, unfairly cut short) series, while taking people getting screwed to an artform for broadcast tv, was far too sun-drenched to be noir. But it sure was fun.]


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