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Date: 19 Feb 2003

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 miker: Richard mentions the "long-forgotten Fletcher Flora."
  I haven't forgotten him. He wrote a book called THE HOT
 SHOT (an Avon paperback, I think) that's one of the best
 take-offs on J.D. Salinger's style in CATCHER that I can
 Bill Crider
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Thanks to miker and Bill for mentioning my writeup of Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine on Kevin's Thrilling Detective website. As I recently uncovered many more issues in my storage, I should look at expanding it.

Funny you should mention Fletcher Flora, Bill, as I just pulled out the novels I have by him to see if one struck my fancy. He was not that well known as a novelist. I don't have the Avon you mentioned. I am leaning toward PARK AVENUE TRAMP, which is a Gold Medal Original.

Looking up old Robert Turner stories, I kept running across those by Flora and wanting to dive in. The guy wrote a ton for all the magazines including some like "Guilty" of which I have not a single issue. Oh Bill, Robert Turner mentions a Larry Shaw edited digest in the mid-50s. "Suspect" was the name, I think.

Richard Moore

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