From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 19 Feb 2003

  I am also pretty well
> convinced that American naturalism is noir's daddy, and
> that Gothic is noir's granddaddy.

miker: I don't think there is any doubt (certainly not in my mind, anyhow) that noir is descended from Gothic - in fact, in Brian Aldiss's seminal history of science fiction The Billion Year Spree (later revised as The Trillion Year Spree) he makes a convincing case, to my mind, that Gothic is the ancestor of just about every popular genre of the 20th century; at least, science fiction, all different genres of crime/mystery including hardboiled & noir, the romance and even the Western. I think this notion may have been first put forward by American lit critic Leslie Fiedler but I couldn't say for sure.At any rate, the connection between Gothic & noir is pretty obvious, I think. Perhaps the best place to see that connection is in certain films noirs such as The Red House, The Spiral Staircase and Night of the Hunter.Although, come to think of it, going back much earlier I think the roots of noir are already apparent in the work of Edgar Allan Poe - think of stuff like The Tell Tale Heart.


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