RARA-AVIS: My noir rant

From: Charlie Williams ( cs_will@hotmail.com)
Date: 19 Feb 2003

I'm getting the impression that the term "noir", however and whenever it was first coined, hits a spot for most people, which is why we're giving it so much air time. The problem is that it seems to mean something different to everyone.

To argue about where the boundaries of noir are is crazy. I know what noir is for me, and I know what it isn't. Or maybe I don't. I'm not sure I'd call Farewell My Lovely noir, for example, but it doesn't stop me enjoying that novel. Maybe this is getting the the heart of what noir is. A noir novel/film involves a character going slowly into himself so that eventually innocuous signals from outside echo deafeningly inside his head. Saying what noir is/isn't is pointless - you have to *feel* it.

It's all irrelevant anyway, if I take after those French existentialists and assume that none of you actually exist.

Charlie Williams

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